Nina Yates, L.M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


These are some of the results you can expect working with Nina Yates. You will begin to notice that...

Enjoy the people you love:

…you derive more pleasure than distress from being close to loved ones who used to make you feel upset

… you feel more solid and self-possessed when facing difficult relationship disappointments and set-backs

… you can tolerate conflict and difference with loved ones while remaining present and communicating directly…you can handle the negative feelings of others when necessary

Be Resilient:

…you are becoming more clear, focused and “alive”.

…you are getting better at “bouncing back” when your feelings get hurt or you are scared and upsets that used to stop you from achieving your intended goals become surmountable challenges that no longer stop you

Feel Secure:

…you like yourself more and you trust your own judgment

…you are starting to feel safe (and less anxious than you used to)

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