Nina Yates, L.M.F.T.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Adoption Counseling Services

Nina Yates offers support to the entire adoption constellation. As a result of working with Nina Yates you may notice positive change in the following areas:

Adopted Teens, Adults and Birthparents

…you trust your own decision making process about adoption search and reunion and whether or not you choose to pursue an adoption reunion you find that you trust your own ability to face unknown outcomes, emotions and manage complex relationships

… you have given yourself permission to explore and honor your own heritage, history, curiosities and longings

… you are better able to manage your concerns about conflicting loyalties as well as experience with acceptance the grief of your losses

…you trust in your own existence and feel an increased sense of belonging in the world, often with your own families as well

(You may be interested in a group for adopted adults. Contact Nina for more info.)

Adoptive Parents and Families

…the love you feel for your children is enriched by a compassionate awareness of their often unspoken losses and fears…and your adopted children feel safer, more secure and more honored by their parents

…intimacy and closeness in your family are thriving in a climate of genuine, open (and age appropriate!) dialogue about complicated issues: curiosity about birth families, grief, identity, racism, inter-cultural issues etc.

…you have learned ways of becoming more comfortable with the either emotional (or actual) presence of your children’s birth families in your lives and feel more secure and confident in your role as parents

Other Concerns:

Clients with relationship or adoption concerns often are experiencing one or more of the following issues which if necessary will also be addressed in your work with Nina Yates:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • substance abuse
  • codependency
  • life transitions
  • personal growth
  • trouble meeting people
  • loneliness
  • attachment issues
  • trauma

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